Teresa Laughlin was born into a film family in LA, and by the age of 18 had already appeared in five feature films.  After a vigorous touring schedule and a TV series written expressly for her, she opted to leave the business, attend college, followed by art school in New York. Throughout her school years, she worked as both a photographer and a stylist for magazines as varied as Life, Seventeen, and Geo, before continuing on to attend Parsons School of Design.

After working for various companies on Seventh Avenue, Teresa decided to open up a private customer business in a room by herself, creating couture garments for increasingly high profile clientele.

Only a short time after introducing her collection of high end eveningwear on a wholesale basis, Teresa was embraced by key retailers for her luxurious, sophisticated yet incredibly wearable clothes.  Her business grew at a meteoric pace and her acute business acumen drew the attention of investors, with David Letterman eventually becoming a business partner.

She established an impressive roster of private celebrity clientele in addition to the wholesale collection, which was sold in the very finest specialty stores in the country, including Neiman Marcus.

After an unexpected family event caused a forced hiatus and the eventual the closure of her company, Teresa was actively recruited to join a boutique PR firm. Because she had successfully handled her own PR  for a decade with her clothing label, she hit the ground running. 

Just as with her fashion label, her meticulous attention to detail, exhaustive follow through, powerful aesthetic sensibility coupled with her extraordinary aptitude to mold an aspirational branding message, resulted in an explosion of clients requesting her services, so she opened her own firm.

With a steady stream  of referrals coming  from editors of key magazines, Teresa is opting to take a very specific and modulated approach to growing her company. Turning down more business than she accepts, she selects clients  with the careful deliberation of a curator, ensuring that all the brands are a good fit, and that she has a strong vision to help bring them to the next level. 

Her down to earth approach, style and charm quickly puts her on the very short list of editors as soon as they’ve worked with her.  When looking to hire a PR firm recently, a longtime friend of the Managing Editor of one of the top  shelter magazines asked her who was really good in PR.  She answered, “Honestly, there is only one…”